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Bent Not Broken: Pretty Electric EP

Pretty Electric (2023)

“Standing in the spotlight it’s your favorite spot, playing all the aces just to show what you got”.

After two years of silence it was about time to crank all amps up to 11 and here come six fresh tracks to speed up your day.

vocals & guitars: Jörn Kachelriess
bass: Anton Curths
drums: Andy Dick

Recorded at YearningRocks studio
Mixed by Jörn Kachelriess and Konst Fischer Mixing
Mastered by Konst Fischer Mixing

(01) Spotlight
(02) One Way or Another
(03) My Woman
(04) It’s OK
(05) Endless Summer
(06) A Barbecue Might Help

All songs written by Jörn Kachelriess. Release date July 14th, 2023

Pretty Unplugged (2021)

“… my world is locked down and I wonder, how much nothing I can take”…

2020 was the year when everything changed. But after a period of waiting, hoping, hesitating and more waiting we finally decided to end our resignation and start recording. Often our songs come to life on an acoustic guitar and then get transferred into electric realms. This time I thought “hey, this sounds good as it is, maybe I should leave it that way.

All songs written and played by Jörn Kachelriess,
additional guitars, string arrangement and vocals on “America” and Walking on a Rainbow” by Stefan Busch

Recorded at YearningRocks studio
Mixed and mastered by Stefan Busch, digital editors

(01) The River
(02) America
(03) Walking on a Rainbow
(04) Even the Summer is gone
(05) Tuesday Night
(06) Promised Lands

Release date March 31st, 2021

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America (single, 2020)

Watching the news especially during the past four years made me seriously wonder where this society is heading at. Even though this song is called America, I dare to say this concerns the entire Western world.


Recorded in September 2020 at Yearningrocks studio.

Jörn Kachelriess: vocals, guitar and string arrangement

Bent Not Broken - Same Planet Different World, 2013

If you are interested in the real CD including booklet and all, send us an email.

Here is a live version of “Never Give Up” from January 2015:

Same Planet Different World (2013)

Drums recorded at Sky Studio Munich,  all other instruments and vocals at YearningRocks Studio. Mixed by Jörn Kachelriess and Bobby Altvater at Sky Studio, Mastering Dieter Pimiskern.

Too Exited (words and music) by Armin Sander, Marco Probst, Peter Stickler and Jörn Kachelriess
The Grass is green (words and music) by Armin Sander, Marco Probst and Jörn Kachelriess
Sick and Tired (words and music) by Anastacia, Dallas Austin and Glen Ballard
All other songs (words and music) written by  Jörn Kachelriess.

Jörn Kachelriess: vocals, guitars, bass, keys
Andy Dick: drums, percussion
Anton Curths: bass

Live-LineUp 2010 – 2013:
Andy Dick: drums
Anton Curths: bass


(01) Watching the World
(02) Too Excited (feat. Meggie George)
(03) You Locked Away the Sun
(04) The Grass is Green
(05) On my Knees (prelude)
(06) On my Knees
(07) I Don’t Know Why I Said Hello
(08) Sick and Tired’
(09) Never Give Up
(10) Travelers in Paradise
(11) Peace of Mind
(12) After the Rain
(13) This is
(14) Like Today
(15) Just One More

Bent Not Broken - To Whom It May Concern, 2008

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Check out a live version of “Bent Not Broken”, recorded Jan 2015:

To Whom It May Concern (2008)

Recorded at the old Yearningrocks Studio, some time between 2007 and 2008.
All songs (music and lyrics) written, recorded and produced by Jörn Kachelriess.

Jörn Kachelriess: vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, drum-programming
Andy Dick: drums on Get a Life and Morning Sun
Anton Curths: bass on Ain’t my Day and The Night

Live-LineUp 2005 – 2009:
Armin Sander: bass
Nils Böhme: drums


(01) Get A Life
(02) I Remember
(03) It’s Been a While
(04) Blessing in Disguise
(05) The Night
(06) Different Ways
(07) Morning Sun
(08) Smile
(09) Ain’t my Day
(10) Burning Wings
(11) Inside of Me
(12) Bent Not Broken

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