The Band


Bent Not Broken is kind of a state of mind.

We ll played in different bands before. We almost made it. Or not. Or, differently as planned… And we’re still there. People may come and go. Attitude stays. We stay.

BNB was founded around 2005, starting as a session project with the remaining members from REARDON and a few other players involved. These sessions ended in an album called “Friends of the G-String – Personal Pleasures”, released in 2005. Physical copies are sold out, but iTunes & Co. still offer the MP3s in case you’re interested in the past. The album production, together with jams at parties and the rehearsal room led to Bent Not Broken and the release of “To Whom It May Concern” in 2008.

That being said, here come a few facts about the people contributing to Bent Not Broken:



The driving force behind all the noise. What else is there to say?

If you really want to know: Jörn never can make up his mind which guitar fits his mood, but whatever, as long as the looks cover the lack of talent it’s all cool! Besides he still struggles every now and then whether he should take step dance lessons in order to switch amp channels even more fluently. Anything else? Well, maybe this: Jörn digs signature guitars, even though he never managed to sound like somebody else.



Andy’s one of the tallest drummers on the planet. This is why we need him to play the drums aseat… 

Apart from that: Andi never talks about his drum sets, he just plays them. As tight as f …. And if he plays, you better keep a bit of distance, in case you need to hear the alarm clock the next morning. But on the other hand, it’d be ringing all night then anyway. Oh and if he’s on stage, ask him for a drum solo, he loves that…



Anton … A like Ampeg… of course.

Equipped with the A and a mentally integrated groove machine since birth it was obvious – this guy is destined to be the Lord of Low Tones. Whether he takes care of 4 or 5 strings, either way he will take care of you!

THE PAST – 2006 – 2009

You may consider Bent Not Broken as a project. A concept with various family members: 



Nils is the king of stick tricks – no other drummer in the world can lose them faster than he does. With style. 

Nils and Jörn played together for ages. He joined Bent Not Broken between 2006 and 2009, playing drums on some of the tracks from “To Whom it May Concern”. Currently both are united together in their other favorite band called “SILVERFISH SURFERS“.



† 2009 – Armin is the lost son of the Bent Not Broken family, unforgotten!

Armin and Jörn shared stages and the rehearsal room for many, many years. Playing together in bands like D.G.Gordon or Fat Chance Hotel sometime in the 90ies, they met again in 2007. Jörn had just started BNB and Armin was the perfect addition.
In Summer 2009, out of the blue, Armin was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He died only 3 months later, leaving his wife and and son. He’ll be missed forever!

And on top of this all:

Check out the Silverfish Surfers