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Welcome to our brand new little 
Bent Not Broken website!
It took a while, actually it took quite a while, while lots of other unplanned things rushed in. But here we are, back up and running, new album in the pocket and we're happy, you're here too!
Announcing the birth 
of Bent Not Broken album no. 2: 
Same Planet Different World!
Here is a little teaser clip we shot while recording the first 6 songs of the album

Welcome everybody!

Nice to see you here! Hope you're all doing fine, have fun checking our little website! We've been busy the past 3 months rebuilding the YearningRocks studio. Now, January 2016 it's almost done and all sounds good. 2016 sounds like a good year for BNBIII. 


Bent Not Broken Press Sheet

You still haven't heard
"Same Planet Different World"?
Download the press sheet in PDF format. 

Same Planet Different World

Bent Not Broken: Same Planet Different World

Album Reviews

Check out the latest review for Same Planet Different World - very impressive, haha - on: 

Get ready to ROCK! 

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