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Welcome everybody!

So this is it, the little bent but unbroken BENT NOT BROKEN website, with a handful of updates every now and then, some information about the music, the players, what has been and what might come. Feel free to sneak around, we hope you like what you see and most of all what you hear. Either way, enjoy.


We announced on Facebook, that we are currently working on our 3rd album. Well, here's the proof: The video below is a pre-listen to one of the ten songs in the making. So if you want to get a first  impression what we're currently doing, click PLAY and crank up the volume ;-)




Bent Not Broken Press Sheet

You still haven't heard
"Same Planet Different World"?
Download the press sheet in PDF format. 

Same Planet Different World

Bent Not Broken: Same Planet Different World

Album Reviews

Check out the latest review for Same Planet Different World - very impressive, haha - on: 

Get ready to ROCK! 

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